Hi all, 

Welcome to Atlas Shredded. 

This is a creative space which began as an opportunity for me to log and give flesh to my experiences travelling and living abroad in the United Kingdom. In October 2016, I created what I thought would be my travel blog.

Since then, I have had the opportunity to teach K-12 in the English school system, serve poached eggs and Sunday roasts at a vibrant local in London and backpack through most of mainland Europe. It has been lonely some of the time, thrilling much of the time and enlightening all of the time. Much of what I’ve had the time to reflect upon is what travel truly means. What is the purpose of travel? Who is a traveller and what does that person look like? What does a traveller seek to achieve through this act of travelling to which so many of us are drawn? 

I believe the emphasis needs to be shifted from travel as a form of escape - the opportunity to disconnect from reality as we experience it - to any active process of seeing, going, absorbing and connecting with the world around us. It is these active interactions with our world that serve as catalyst to the discovery, growth and expansion which we are capable of undergoing by nature of being human. While travel accelerates and exacerbates and pushes, each one of us can live as travellers - as experiencers, as experimenters, as observers, navigators, thinkers and creators - from any destination upon this planet. 

It is these individuals - the experiencers, experimenters, creators - whom I hope to reach via this creative space and the sort of individual whom I strive to be. Now that I have returned to Canada, I am committed to maintaining this deep, deeper, deeply invigorating connection to the world around me which I discovered abroad. It isn’t about the distances you travel to experience life. It’s about the willingness to experience that life - sincerely and boldly - from whatever location you happen to find yourself. To observe it. To navigate it. To decide how you feel about it and to create what you believe still needs to be created within it. 

This is not a travel blog. This is an ode to life lived as fully as we can fill it.